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Wagner Dimensional

Injection-Molded Plastic Lettering

Wagner Dimensional is the original injection-molded plastic lettering system. These three-dimensional, lightweight and practically indestructible letters are perfect for marquee signage. They have a matte finish and flat face that draws attention and is easy to read at a distance.

Simply choose the letters you need or select one of our font kits by letter size, select a color and style then place your order. We stock accessories like the Wagner® Plasti-Bar acrylic track system that allows the Wagner® Dimensional letters to mount firmly in place with no chance of shifting and the Wagner Mechanical Hand which allows you to easily change the letters from up to 18 feet below.

Slotted Letters

Flatter Face and Sharper Edge

Slotted letters are usually viewed on movie theatre marquees and use the Wagner Plastibar track for mounting. Wagner Dimensional Slotted letters offer a flatter face and sharper edge.