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Jewelite Two Tone Trim

Flexible, Form Fitting, & No Painting
Available in 11 Stock Color Combinations

Jewelite® Two Tone Trim is a plastic molding that adds new dimension to cut-out letters by combining 2 colors on one trim. The inner edge and the outer edge can be any combination of the colors below. Jewelite form fits to any style letter, Gothic, Roman or Script, etc. Adheres to plastic and other surfaces. No painting or polishing necessary.

We offer Jewelite in 11 different two toned stock colors to create various combinations. Available in 150' reels

Jewelite Two Tone Trim Selector

Color 1"
150' Reel
Bronze 313
True Red
Intense Blue
Brushed Chrome
Metallic Silver
Holiday Inn Green

Paintable Jewelite Trim

Flexible, Form Fitting, & Custom Paint to Any Color
Already Abraded, Ready to Receive Paint.

Time saving option for your shop, saves the step of scuffing material to receive paint. Works with both Matthews and AkzoNobel paints.

Paintable Jewelite is available in 1" - 150' reels.