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Flexible, Form Fitting, & No Painting
Available in 20 Stock Colors

Jewelite® Trim...the plastic moldings that add new dimension to cut-out letters, it form fits to any style letter, Gothic, Roman or Script, etc. Adheres to plastic and other surfaces. No painting or polishing necessary. We offer Jewelite® in 20 different stock colors, custom color matching available, ¾”, 1”, and 2” widths available in Flat Reels and Strips.

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Notch Jewelite® letter trim like a pro with the “Nicker". The specially designed blade and anvil allows a stronger, more dependable cut which can increase the amount of work your shop currently performs with a knife and file. The "Nicker" works equally well with all widths of trim from 3/4"to 2" leaving a uniform cut time after time which allows for a smooth, uniform bend.


Our magnets are ideal for holding Jewelite® trim in position during assembly. Increase your profits by reducing assembly time. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed! Wagner Zip-Change® offers 5 styles of magnets to fit any application. We offer 2 screw options, flat or hex head. Made of hardened steel, self-tapping, dacromet coating, tech fastener.


Solid, Halftone, Reverse Copy, & Custom Made

The original flat lettering system, Zip-Change® marquee sign and reader board lettering is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. We start with a durable .060” clear acrylic panel, silk screen the letter onto the panel, then apply a protective clear coat to prevent scratching and fading over time.

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Patented Reverse Copy System

Our patented reverse copy letter system with lap strip design gives these letters a unique appearance. The black finish and blank spacers provide a totally opaque sign face with reverse copy. We use high impact Plexiglas® DR® thermoplastic acrylic and seal each plate with a clear protective coating to resist scratching and fading.

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Injection-Molded Plastic Lettering

Wagner Dimensional is the original injection-molded plastic lettering system. These three-dimensional, lightweight and practically indestructible letters are perfect for marquee signage. They have a matte finish and flat face that draws attention and is easy to read at a distance.

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Tools & Accessories

Track & Mountings, Cabinets,
Mechanical Hands, Zip-Change Poles

Wagner Zip-Change® offers several different tools, accessories, track options, and mounting systems. Tools and Accessories are custome made to help make sign installation and changes a breeze. Tracking and mounting products are offered in different lengths from 6’ to 12’ sections in different finishes.

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