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Tools and Accessories

Cabinets, Mechanical Hands,
Zip-Change Poles, Replacement Parts,
Tracking & Mountings

Wagner Zip-Change offers several different tools and accessories to make sign installation and changes a breeze. Visit our online store to see the entire line of tools and accessories from mechanical hands to pole changers and replacement parts.

Track & Mountings

Wagner Zip-Change offers a wide selection of different track options and mounting systems. These products are offered in different lengths from 6’ to 12’ sections in different finishes. Please visit our online store to see the different options offered for each product.

Wagner Mechanical Hand

Wagner Mechanical Hand is the single most important element that makes copy boards so easy to quickly change messages. While standing on the ground, anyone can change the letters on a copy board that is up to 18 feet high with this unique tool.

Lightweight and simple to operate, the high quality tubular construction guarantees many years of service under normal conditions. Messages can be changed from the ground in half the time needed with ladders.

Storage Cabinets
for Flat Letters

Portable letter storage cabinets are avaliable for every size letter. Each letter has an individual compartment for easy selection and sorting. The medium density fiber board cabinet is lightweight and has a capacity of a 300 foot. Message changes are quick and easy when you can select and refile the letters quickly and efficiently.